We’re on a mission to generate 1,000,000 compliments around the world by taking everyday boring accessories and making them fun. 

Why Fit in When You’re Born To Stand Out  

We’re leading the revolution against conformity. No matter your style, Soxy socks will help express your unique individuality and while adding flare to your outfit. 

The Founders

We’re 2 brothers who’ve seen things differently from an early age, and are proud to say we’ve seen things differently ever since. We’re a bunch of dreamers that set out on a mission to generate 1,000,000 compliments. We’re taking everyday boring accessories and making them fun by going beyond the boring blacks, whites, and grays that so many people wear by default, and venturing into the land of patterns, colors, and wonder. We represent a breed that’s proud to be “that guy” - the guy that naturally stands out.