Why Fit in When You're Born to Stand Out?

Like many of you, we see things differently. In fact, we've seen things differently from an early age, and are proud to say we've seen things differently ever since.

Where others saw a mushy mass of potatoes and gravy on their cafeteria trays, we saw an awe-inspiring food volcano and the makings of the most legendary food eating contest, ever.

Where others saw an embarrassing scrap heap on wheels courtesy of dear old mom and dad, we saw glorious nights on the town, epic parties, and unforgettable moments with friends in our very own "Grease Lightning's" and "Bat Mobiles."

And when we grew up and realized that smelly, worn-out socks had no place in adulthood, we went beyond the boring blacks, whites, and grays that so many men wear by default and ventured into the land of patterns, colors, and wonder.

We represent a breed that's proud to be "that guy" – the guy that naturally stands out, all the way down to his socks! We're here to hook you up with stylish socks, without breaking the bank.