The World's BOLDEST Sock Company is Launching The World's BOLDEST Shoes.

Get a FREE Pair of Soxy BOLD Shoes before they're available to the public by participating in our content below

Soxy Launches BOLD New Soes. Win a FREE Pair!

We'll announce 5 winners on October 14. Thank you for your support and good luck.


I love your shoes and socks. The colors are simply awesome. My sons wear them and I love the combination of how well they look. I would love to carry them in my store,

Pheobe Kimble February 13, 2018

I absolutely LOVE these shoes. I especially love the brown with the blue and the black leather with the red. That said, I really hope you intend to create EEE width shoes or I won’t be able to get any of these beautiful pieces of foot fashion. :(

Christopher Todd November 17, 2017

I love colours and your shoes collection will suit my taste and need. To clode my statement, your shoes got a lot of swag!

Antonio Narciso Mateus November 04, 2017

Just solved my Christmas dilema.5 guys 5 packs and I get the feeble.Love the patterns

Wayne edmison November 02, 2017

I love these snappy shoes and can’t wait to get them in the mail. Such a nice change from the boring black or brown shoes I have now. At 71, you’re never to old to have fun with some cool shoes & sox.

Galen Olson October 30, 2017

Love these shoes, I am addicted to the socks. I have to have a pair right away!

Daniel Lynch October 20, 2017

Is this still open?
One spot shows 28 days left, but the text below the image says the announcement of winners will be on Oct 14.
And where can we buy the shoes???

Tim Nelson October 20, 2017

Looking forward to getting the shoes, my son.wants them too

Simon Brown October 20, 2017

Love to have these in my collection

IRFAN MAHMOOD ANSAR October 20, 2017

Great Shoes- Colors that will go well with company colors.. Can’t wait to try them

Tom Wheeler October 19, 2017

I’ve already got colors selected that I can’t wait to get! Gotta get some.

Kevin Brown October 18, 2017

Got my Soxy Socks…. Love them!! Need the Shoes now to complement them

Ben Perry October 18, 2017

Ready to order. When will we know more? Want couple of pars.

Gary Pontifex October 17, 2017

I just love the cool shoe style and would enjoy owning one of each color, because I’m sure they’ll get me many compliments! Besides being stylish, these shoes & socks are unique too!

Johnny Colon October 16, 2017

Love the Sox get many compliments can’t wait to get some shoes

Eric F October 16, 2017

I wish to apologize to (“Brand name shoe polish”) as I am putting you on the shelf for the time being. SOXY.COM has come up with suede shoes that upon closer inspection, are irresitble. Blue Suede Shoes…yep…gotta have ’em!

Warren Frisby October 16, 2017

Price please

Mike Bryson October 15, 2017

Price please

Mike Bryson October 15, 2017

Price please

Mike Bryson October 15, 2017

Coming out on my birthday. I can’t wait.

Russ Bloomer October 13, 2017

I have the Soxy now I need the shoes ??? I can’t wait. Thanks

Michael Newton October 13, 2017

I like the shoes and the socks, how do i get the pricer

JamesBrown October 12, 2017

I can’t wait. I have about 30 pairs of Soxy socks to match with my new pairs of shoes when they become available. Let’s get this going!!!

Jason Woodman October 12, 2017

Love them!!!! Can hardly wait for mine.

Ken Podlubny October 12, 2017

Great looking shoes. How much?

Lalon Peale October 12, 2017

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