Soxy Shoes Kickstarter Pricing

soxy bold shoes made in portugal

Because our BOLD! shoes are handmade in Portugal they cost more to make than if they were made in Asia. And since we have adopted the 'direct to consumer' business model the shoes will cost you less at than if you were to find a shoe of similar origin in brick and mortar retail location. For example, our post-campaign price will be $249. A made in Portugal shoe of comparable quality found in Nordstrom or Saks will set you back at least $400.

During our Kickstarter campaign you will have the opportunity to get the best prices possible - not to mention you will receive a FREE pair of perfectly matching Soxy socks. Talk about a great deal!

The VIP Prices:

Our absolute best prices possible. And because our VIP prices are so amazing we are limiting them to the first 200 backers only.  The VIP prices are divided into 4 levels based on quantity:

  • 1 pair (limit: 200 backers)
  • 2 pairs (limit: 200 backers)
  • 3 pairs (limit: 200 backers) 
  • 4 pairs (limit: 200 backers)


Our next best prices. Because our Super Early Bird prices are still phenomenal we are limiting them to the first 300 backers only.  Just like the VIP, Super Early Bird prices are divided into 4 levels based on quantity of shoes you want:

  • 1 pair (limit: 300 backers)
  • 2 pairs (limit: 300 backers)
  • 3 pairs (limit: 300 backers) 
  • 4 pairs (limit: 300 backers)

The EARLY BIRD Prices:

Missed out on the first 2 price tiers? That's ok, we will still give you a great price for pledging during the Kickstarter campaign. There is no limit on our Early Bird prices, but because you're still getting in early you will save $60 on each pair of shoes pre-ordered during the campaign.