The Internet is Going Crazy Over These Bold Shoes. Here's Why.

People are raving about a new collection of shoes called BOLD! By Soxythe brand that revolutionized the sock game industry is now about to apply it's signature bold style to luxury shoes.
They're releasing shoes that cover all the bases: Comfort, StyleValue... and Guaranteed Compliments
And one thing’s for sure: it’s not just hype. This is a footwear revolution. Here are the facts you need to know.


#1 - Perfect Blend of Timeless and Fearlessly Bold Style

It looks like Soxy has outdone themselves again. After over a year of planning and revising, they’ve made perhaps the most perfect shoes for any occasion.
These shoes take beautiful classic styles like the Oxford wingtip and the derby, and take them up 10 levels with super bold contrasting colors and modern twists.

The best thing is: they’re formal enough to wear to work or something special, and uniquely vibrant enough for a casual evening hanging out on the town.
Plus, they’re so comfortable you’ll love having them on your feet all day. You might even forget they’re there until someone compliments your awesome shoes.

#2 - Comfort You Need to Wear once to Believe

There’s “comfort” and then there’s COMFORT. You’ll understand if you’ve ever bought a “comfortable” shoe, only to never wear it again because your feet hated it.
The guys at Soxy must have worn some really uncomfortable shoes, because they went all out, no holds barred to make this collection the most delightfully comfortable shoe you’ll ever try on.

These shoes are made with premium Italian suede and calfskin leather for a soft yet durable feel and the perfect fit around your foot.
The soles are lightweight, super shock absorbent EVA that makes you feel like you’re walking on a cloud, or pillows, or marshmellows… you get the idea: it’s great.

#3 - Ethically-Made Shoes You Can Feel Good About

Everybody hates unethical sweatshops, and the careless, low quality goods they make aren’t impressing anybody.
That’s why these shoes are made by master craftspeople in a workshop in Portugal. This workshop is staffed by fairly-paid lifelong shoemakers who have spent years learning and honing their craft.

The Kickstarter is About to Start 

People are already going crazy and signing up to get a pair of these awesome shoes.
The Kickstarter is set to start on October 14th, so sign up for early access and save $80 off the future retail price.

Regular Price = $249

Kickstarter Price  = $199

Soxy VIP Price = $169

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