Soxy Shoes Reviews

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Soxy Review #1:

Mitchel H - Sporting my Soxy's

Soxy Review #2:

Steven R. - Liking these BOLD Soxy Shoes and Soxy Socks. Check them out


Soxy Review #3:

Ryan - After 6 months my Kickstarter Soxy shoes have arrived.Limited edition blue suede and leather. Wow.


Soxy Review #4:

Jeremy B. - They have arrive! Soxy - so excited to rock these bad boys. Hands down the coolest shoes I've ever owned.


Soxy Review #5:

Alex R. - Rocking out my first pair of Bold Soxy Shoes! I definitely need Nordstrom to get in on this. People will clamor!


Soxy Review #6:

@TheRealGraci - I buy all my socks from Soxy so I thought I'd try this brand new line they launched. Check out my amazing new handmade dress shoes,


Soxy Review #7:

Devon G. - Just another day in the office wearing my Soxy Shoes and Soxy socks


Soxy Review #9:

Sean D.. - I'm super excited for my new gear. A splash of color does a man good.