Soxy Shoes Launching Tomorrow Exclusively on Kickstarter! Learn more below

On Sunday October 22 at 3PM EST, you will be able to pre-order the shoes exclusively through Kickstarter. 

First 500 backers get VIP PRICING + 5 FREE SOCKS added to their order.

What is Kickstarter? 

Kickstarter is a website that is allows creators (like Soxy) to launch a pre-order campaign with special pricing.

The campaigns have a time limit (usually 30 days) after which the special Kickstarter pricing disappears forever.

Why is Soxy launching shoes on Kickstarter?

Shoe Factories and material suppliers require significant minimum orders.

Launching on Kickstarter allows us to:

  1. Achieve our minimum order with the factory
  2. Avoid wasting material and producing styles/sizes that aren't popular


What is the benefit for you?

By helping bring these shoes to life, you are able to:

  1. Pre-order the shoes at a STEEP DISCOUNT
  2. Get FREE Bonus gifts only available for those that pre-order
  3. Lifetime Early access to new releases 

How Does Kickstarter Work?

  1. Project creator sets funding goal and deadline (Soxy Shoes are launched)
  2. Contributors back projects in exchange for a reward (Ex. Pledge by preordering the shoes).
  3. Once the pre-order campaign is finished, you can choose the style, color, and size of your shoes


How Do I Order on Kickstarter?

  1. Visit the on Sunday, October 22 at 3PM EST. 
  2. Click "Back This Project" and select your reward tier + add ons 
  3. Enter payment information to reserve your shoes.
  4. Pick your shoe style, size and colour after the campaign is completed.



When Will I Get My Shoes?

After the end of the pre-order campaign, we will send you a survey to get your order number, style, size, and color for the shoes you want. 

*In December, we order the materials with the factory.

*In January we begin producing and manufacturing the shoes - it will take 6-8 weeks to complete.

*In February the shoes will be transported to our North American warehouse.

*In March your shoes are packed and shipped to you. 

Questions? Email us


First 500 Backers get:

VIP PRICING +  5 FREE Bonus Pairs

Here are your VIP bonuses:

  1. $80 off VIP Discount
  2. Limited edition matching pair of socks designed specifically for each pair in the collection 
  3. 5 Pairs of Soxy Socks ($60 value)   

You will have to act fast...


  • It will be available to the first 500 backers or for the first 24 hours - whichever comes first
  • You will be competing with at least 82,560 other people (that's how many people signed up for our emails)
  • You will get the lowest price we ever offer for these shoes!