How We Make BOLD! Shoes

soxy bold! shoe in factory

How do you bring excitement back to men's shoes?

For too long we've lived in a land of boring black and brown shoes. Enter any shoe store in the country and you will see the same colours and styles repeated over and over. The only difference being the brand written on the inside of the shoe.  We decided this had to stop.

On a mission to make shoes fun again our expert design team spent over a year figuring out the best ways to make classic dress shoes exciting again. We have poured our hearts into the design of each shoe and that is reflected in each pair's vibrant colouring and quality materials.

bold design by soxy

Premium Italian Materials

The leathers and suedes used to create our shoes are sourced from one of Italy's most best tanneries. The same tannery that supplies many of the world's best shoemakers.

soxy bold shoes factory grid

 Ethically Made By Hand In Portugal

After scouring Asia and Europe we decided on the skilled craftspeople of a workshop near the Portuguese city of Guimaraes. The two key deciding points for us were impeccable quality and ethical labour practices.

 Tested & Approved For You

From stylishly bold design to superior comfort, we make sure the run our shoes through testing by real people, and take their feedback into account. For example, Philip H. says "I only regret that I can't own a pair in every color. These shoes are everything!"